Choose Livable to offset rising utility costs.

Our mission is to promote conservation through billing and education, and with NO MINIMUMS, you can start saving immediately.



Get custom utility management and cost recovery solutions for commercial and residential properties.



Our suite of cloud services are designed to reduce consumption while adding to your bottom line:

Utility Billing & Cost Recovery

Why waste time on utility billing when we can do it for you? Our free customizable system allocates for water, sewer, trash, and more based on multiple factors to ensure fair, accurate, and automated billing sent directly to your residents. Whether they pay you, or us, their reward will be paying less for using less.

Beyond Billing™

Monitoring your property just got easier. Access everything you need to manage your building’s utilities, including cost and recovery analysis, transparent allocations, accounting reports, and more—all at no charge to you.

Utility Analytics & Benchmarking

Never miss another payment. Enroll your residents with Livable and they can pay their utility bills online, receive automated payment reminders, and review the efficiency of their building to make more sustainable decisions and lower their monthly bills. Oh, and they also get conservation tips!

Want to learn more about Ratio Utility Billing? 

We’ve been using Livable to manage our utility bill backs for several years. Virtually every new resident is signed up to participate in this program. Livable’s team is responsive and provides any support our residents may need. They track utility usage and send us alerts if they detect any anomalies. Livable promotes conservation which helps reduce utility expenses in addition to adding another source of revenue at our properties.

Ryan Gilbert, Director of Operations

Daniel and his team at Livable are fantastic. They make the process of signing up simple. I use Livable at several buildings to pass on the expense of water, sewer, garbage, and gas. The cost of utilities goes up much more than the allowed increase. So with rent control, this service helps me keep up with inflation on long term residents.

Jason Gamble, Housing Provider

Livable is an invaluable partner to our organization. For years in our rent-controlled City, the only way to increase the bottom line was through unit turnover. Utility costs increased by as much as 20%/yr, which directly impacted NOI. With Livable, we are able to not only recoup most of our utility costs but also are able to pass through future utility price increases. Additionally, we have seen an overall reduction in utility usage since our residents are incentivized to conserve. The staff at Livable is amazing. Anytime I have had a question or needed assistance, they have immediately been there to help. If you’re reading this, you’re probably on the fence about partnering with them. I promise you’ll see an increase in your bottom line and wonder why you didn’t partner with them sooner.

Ryan Shane, Housing Guild

My property manager did quite a research and found Livable. It was an excellent choice. Livable utility management offers a conscious responsibility to the owners and to the renters to ensure that the utility ratio billing is fair for both landlords and residents. Livable lives up to its simple program implementation. They are easy to connect with. I get immediate help if I need it. My suggestion to any multi-family building owner is to try Livable. Finally, the master meters are slowly becoming obsolete. Water conservation is a new norm.

Cora Naraval, Housing Provider

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