Utility Billing & Cost Recovery

Using Livable’s Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS), it’s easy to divide your building’s utility bills. Our system can allocate for water, sewer, trash, and more. It relies on multiple factors that depend on the utility, including unit occupancy, square footage, as well as in-unit and common area amenities.




Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS)

Whether your property has multiple units varying in size, retail space, and/or common areas, we can customize allocation factors and billing frequency for your unique property and issue fair and accurate billing to each Livable resident.


Enjoy the precise tracking and real-time consumption alerts of submetering without the premium costs of installation. Livable partners with resellers and installers of compatible submeters to substantially lower your costs. The precise submeter data is used to inform the resident statement amounts. There’s nothing better than billing residents for what they actually use.


Smart energy usage doesn’t cost—it saves. When you install solar panels to power your building, you can offset common area electricity expenses and increase your bottom line. And the benefits don’t stop there! Contact us to learn more about what you can save, and more importantly, how you can earn, with solar.

Allocation Table Audits

With Livable, you are in control. Our custom statements and bill audits give you greater insight into your property’s usage, with options to adjust the balance by unit, waive statement fees, process credits, regulate resident statements using historical averages, and more.

Custom Allocations and Statements

Utility billing should be flexible. That’s why we partner with independent rental owners and property managers like you to fully customize resident statement amounts. Whether you want to set a cap or a flat rate, Livable makes it easy to create custom statements for each unit.


Our services can be tailored to meet your unique property management needs. Whether your building houses multiple residents, retail establishments—or a mix of both—utility billing and monitoring consumption data is easy to set up, review, and integrate with your property management and accounting software.

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