Tenant Connect

Livable’s convenient Tenant Connect portal can help you save money while you’re saving the world. Discover how to leverage our robust system to reduce your environmental footprint and find savings along the way:

Transparent Allocation

You and your residents can review utility allocations and building occupancy in one transparent report, while potentially discovering unreported residents. Our sophisticated calculations and accurate measurements are designed to make utility management simple for residents and property owners alike.

Inspire Conservation

When residents save resources, they save money too. Through our Tenant Connect portal, they can discover just how much they’re saving when they cut back on waste each month. The environment (and your wallet) will thank you.

Building Efficiency

Your residents can commit to saving energy by monitoring the efficiency of their unit (or the entire building), tracking consumption trends, and making informed decisions to band together for improved sustainability.

Paperless Billing

Cut down waste — not trees. When residents opt to use paperless billing each month, they reduce their energy consumption and keep their statements neatly organized in one place. Residents can enjoy less trash and fewer papers to file away.

Convenient Payments

Take the hassle out of utility billing. Residents can easily access their statements online and make payments using a debit/credit card, ACH debit, sending a check, or setting up automatic monthly payments. We’ll even send statements and automated reminders to enrolled residents each month.

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