Property Manager Dashboard

Don’t let high energy usage take you by surprise. Receive alerts for potential leaks, track utility recovery amounts, and more all in one convenient web portal. Livable’s user-friendly Property Manager Dashboard makes it easier to see what’s happening at your building and immediately increase the value of your asset. Explore our property manager solutions to find savings you can take to the bank—literally!

Detailed Analytics

Enrolling with Livable doesn’t cost, it saves. Explore your savings by the numbers with easy access to robust analytics—including recovery data and estimates—designed to help reduce your environmental footprint while generating revenue for your property.

Track Utility Costs

With Livable audits, you can make informed decisions by reviewing trends in usage, calculating the current value of your building and individual units, and estimating their projected value in the future, all with the click of a button.

Consumption and Billing Alerts

Keep costs low and consumption down when you stay up-to-date on utility usage and billing with Livable. If a utility bill spikes month over month and exceeds your selected threshold, you’ll receive a notification so leaks and other anomalies never go ignored. Equally as important, residents won’t get stuck paying for something out of their control.


The Livable legal team stays up to date on Federal, State and Local ordinance, taking into account how new legislation impacts your bottom line.

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